News of the World to Close – Who will be affected most?

News International (NI) Chairman James Murdoch declared today that News of the World (NoW) is to close and 10th July’s edition will be its last.  This decision has apparently been taken as a result of the phone hacking scandal.

Let’s pause and think for a minute.  Who will be affected by this closure?  Will it be a big blow to News International?  Will its profits be affected?  Was the decision taken because all of a sudden the media superpower has been overwhelmed by the atrocious behavior of its subsidiary?

It’s clear that while the scandal is an embarrassment to NI, it’s profits are not going to be affected much.  Why?  Here’s the logic behind it.  The Sun, another tabloid, another subsidiary of NI, is currently released from Mon to Sat, but not on Sunday, when NoW used to get released.  By just starting another edition of The Sun on Sunday in coming weeks, NI will easily be able to re-capture its lost market, advertisements and profits.  How difficult is it to start the Sunday edition, when it’s sister concern is not there to fight for the daily market share?  What other best way to forget the embarrassment faced by the organization than to cease the name of NoW altogether?  General public will forget all this in a couple of weeks, as media will bring something else for them to worry, frustrate and shout about.

Coming back to the first question; who is affected by the closure of NoW?  The management who approved the phone hacking?  No Sir, they have already been shifted to more glorious, even higher positions that might pay heavier pay slips.  Is it the readers of NoW?  They may have to wait just for a few weeks – The Sun will rise with all its glory on Sunday.  Have no doubt:

Those who will really get affected are the workers of News of the World.

While the bigger organization might need a few additional hands on other areas of business, including at The Sun to release an extra edition, a number of these workers may have to look for new jobs – in this current time of austerity and high unemployment.

What an irony!  Most of workers were not part of the hacking decision – even the world came to know about it very lately.  But the most disastrous impact is still on workers!

Why is it that even if mistakes are done by higher echelon’s, workers have to suffer the brunt?  Who will fight for their rights to have a decent job?  Who will make their voices heard?

It’s too early to predict or comment on anything, but …..


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