Fabian Gala Dinner a.k.a. aristocratic left get together….

First let me confess – I recently migrated to UK and am not so familiar with the left organisations here.  That said, straight to the question bothering me: What’s happening to the Fabians?  I refer to event http://www.fabians.org.uk/events/events-news/fabian-society-gala-dinner announced in the Fabian website.  It proudly states – “All attendees will be treated to wine and a three course meal…..”

For an opportunity to meet and listen to these aristocratic lefts, one has to spend £85!  Youngsters, don’t worry – in these days of austerity, you have been kindly awarded a discount of £20!  But for this kindness from the supreme elite, you have to satisfy yourselves with only half a bottle of wine!  Socialism in action! Long live equality!

And just look at the venue!  Where else can we meet the common proletariat, than at this posh London restaurant?  Is this how the Fabians plan to make inroads into the hearts and minds of public? What happened to the good old street corner meetings and public events that the normal, not-so-rich common person could attend?

Do this lot truly represent the left?  Or are they just another face of armchair, sorry, “altitude” socialism?  Eagerly waiting for an answer, and I am only too happy to be proved wrong….

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